ABOUT ME // 22 year-old Biologist and filmmaker, I am the writer, director and narrator of the documentary Pursuing the Monarchs. My interest for conservation and environmental activism has motivated my investigation of subjects ranging from the monarch butterflies’ population decline in Mexico to highlanders’ indigenous land rights in Cambodia. In addition to Pursuing the Monarchs, I have worked on several short video projects such as Sleepless and A Love Letter.

Pursuing the Monarchs is my first feature film.


Pursuing the Monarchs


Pursuing the Monarchs examines the social and biological factors causing a rapidly waning monarch butterfly population across North America. This succinct yet poignant documentary traverses viewers across the American heartland from the vast plains of Iowa to the jungles of Michoacán. It is an intrepid journey across the front lines of one of Earth’s most chaste and treasured species’ battle for survival against rampant deforestation and the devastating practices of industrialized agriculture.

Trachypithecus germainicACCB_Anna Chah-43.jpg



During my time at the Angkor Centre for Conservation of Biodiversity I created this short promotion video highlighting the different species living in the center. 


A Love letter


A short tribute to mother earth and spur of the moment creation was made in collaboration with young filmmakers and artists from Richmond. 




A sleepless night in Richmond, Virginia. Written, directed and edited in under 24 hours, this 3 minutes surrealist short introduces us to a world of dream.