Ice - A Crisis

Have you ever heard of the deep ecology environmental movement? In 1973, Arne Naess, a Norwegian philosopher first introduced the word to the science literature. Deep Ecology describes an important movement and concept that seeks to place nature and man at an equal stance. In other words, deep ecologists encourage conservation efforts that regard nature's inherent worth, as opposed to viewing conservation efforts as means to a culture, economical or self interested end. Deep Ecology, in a sense, goes against most of our current conservation programs and tactics which often are based on consumption-oriented values and methods. Naess, also a formal mountaineers had climbed all over the world, and seen thousands of landscapes and his growing concern for what he called "the shallow ecology movement" became more apparent following these voyages. So now a question remains, is it possible to develop an understanding that enables us to work towards harmony with other creatures and beings? Source: Foundation of Deep Ecology//Photography: Nicolas Cool

Anna Chahuneau