Dubai, a changing city

What do you envision when you imagine Dubai? Skyscrapers and artificial islands, or perhaps indoor skiing and luxury malls. If so, you are right, but perhaps not for much longer. Dubai is changing. After its economical crisis in 2009, Dubai is putting on a new face, and this time, it is green. By 2050, the city wants to have the smallest carbon footprint per capita, worldwide. “On Dubai’s southern outskirts, a new housing development has opened—called Sustainable City—that recycles its water and waste and produces more energy than it consumes”, in the far off desert, the city is building a giant solar power plant which is will produce some of the world’s cheapest and cleanest energy on the planet. Driverless metro trains circle the city, and “Dubai has recently tightened its green building regulations, as part of a strategy to reduce energy demand by 30 percent”. A hopeful future for Dubai may be in sight, and if a city in the middle of the desert can do it, any other city can too



📖: National Geographic 📝: Anna Chahuneau 📸: Zafeerah Heesambee & David-Rodrigo

Anna Chahuneau