The Great Starvation

Orcas, the majestic yin yangs of the Northwest Pacific ocean, need your help. Insanely intelligent and socially sophisticated apex predators, one wouldn’t think that these creatures couldn’t possibly need any help from us naked apes. But for the last three years, not one calf in the southern resident population has been born.


Seven orcas and one of the youngest calves recently died of malnutrition, dwindling their numbers down to just 74 orcas left in the Pacific Northwest. Why are they starving? Where has their food gone?  Dams on the lower Snake river have blocked millions of fish from entering the Columbia basin—including but not limited to the fatty king salmon which was formerly the orcas’ most consistent source of food.

If each one of us takes action, we have the power to make a change and help prevent these beautiful, intelligent creatures from starving to death. Please consider clicking the link below to sign a petition to Senator Patty Murray and Governor Jay Inslee to let these dams be breached, let this ecosystem return to its natural balance, and save these orcas from being dammed to starvation.

Written by Camille Morales

Anna Chahuneau